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Privacy and Reporting Players


How do I submit an Inappropriate Behavior Report?

We take the safety and happiness of our players very seriously. If you're having an issue with another player you can submit an Inappropriate Behavior Report. We can investigate from there to determine the proper action.

Before submitting a report, please ensure that you are reporting a violation of our Terms of Service. Remember that some of our games promote conflict. Being attacked repeatedly is all within the spirit of a war game and not a Terms of Service Violation. The first thing you should try is contact the person who is attacking you and politely ask them to stop. Most Players want the game to be fun for everyone and will stop if you ask.

Submitting a Behavior Report is just like Submitting a Support Ticket. Click on the 'Contact Us' button and fill out the required fields with information on the incident.

When escalating an issue, be specific about the Player Name that you're reporting, the World/Domain/Realm/Sector they're in, and any other information that may be useful. It's much easier for us to act if you can provide us with evidence, such as copies of their chats or messages they may have sent you. The more information you give us, the more likely it is that you will see a fast and fair resolution to the abuse.

We get quite a few social violation reports (vulgar chat and in-game messages). We ask for screen shots of the violation since there are no chat logs in EW.

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Building Your Base


How do I improve my Base and my defenses?

All of the functions in your Base are controlled by buildings. Buildings allow you to collect resources, defend yourself against attack, and train an army. All buildings become more effective and powerful when upgraded.


The basic gameplay flow is this:

  1. Collect Resources
  2. Use Resources to Construct Buildings
  3. Upgrade your Buildings
  4. Defend against Attacks


Collect Resources

You have four resources: Crystals, Gas, Energy, and Uranium. You can see your current stored amount of each resource at the top of the Edgeworld game window.

Resources come from resource collecting buildings. There are four buildings, one for each resource: Crystal Mines, Gas Refineries, Solar Plants, and Reactors.

Before you can use the resources from a building, you must collect those resources. Click on the building, then click Collect. The resources in the building will be transferred into your storage, and ready to use.

Use Resources to Construct Buildings

 Click the Build button on the game menu. This opens a list of available buildings.


There are three types of buildings.

  1. Resource buildings produce resources, or increase your storage capacity
  2. Defense buildings protect you from enemy attacks
  3. Combat buildings help you train your army and attack your enemies

Click on a building to learn more about it. This screen will also tell you how many resources are required to construct the building. If everything looks good, click Build.

Find a nice empty space in your base for the new building, and click to start construction. Your workers will automatically begin to assemble the building.

You can only build or upgrade one building at a time.


Upgrade your Buildings

To make your buildings effective, you need to upgrade them frequently. Simply click on a building and choose Upgrade to open the upgrade menu. If you have enough resources, you can click Upgrade and start improving the building right away!

Some buildings require that other buildings be upgraded first. Look for the red text to tell you what's required.

At high levels, some upgrades can take a long time. If you click on an upgrading building and choose Speed Up, you'll see a list of items that allow you to finish upgrading faster.


Defend your Base

The most important building type is the defensive building. These weapons, turrets, cannons, and lasers automatically come online when your base is attacked. When an enemy unit comes into range, the defensive building will begin attacking them until destroyed.

A strong network of defensive buildings is vital. Place some near your Command Center and resource collectors to protect your resources. Mix up your defensive buildings: some are strong against individual targets, and some are strong against groups. Don't leave a hole in your defense!


Most Importantly: Have Fun!

There's no one best way to build your base. Try different things and experiment. Move your defensive buildings around, and try different configurations. Discover the strategy that works best for you! 

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