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Level 22 Research/Barracks issue


There's an issue with level 22 Researches and Barracks. With Research, the research topic will revert back a level or levels back to level 19, and any items used will be lost. For these, we have been restoring the upgrade items and Accelerators, and letting the player know of this issue. 

For the Barracks, either the Buildings revert back to level 19 similar to the issue with Research, or players get an Out of Sync error when opening troop bundles. For these, the Barracks will need to be downgraded to level 19 and the items/Accelerators restored until a fix is implemented.

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Common Issues. Basic Troubleshooting



The below troubleshooting steps will resolve the majority of game issues, including:

Loading issues 

Lag Error messages 

Missing items 

Stuck progress 

Graphical glitches

If you encounter these problems please try each solution one at a time, then test to see if your problem has been resolved. 

1. Refresh your Browser

- Most issues can be resolved by refreshing/reload your browser

      - Press F5 on your keyboard or click reload/refresh button 

      - Do a complete refresh of the page by pressing CtrlF5 on your keyboard


2. Restart your Computer 

Shut down your computer completely, wait a few seconds, then restart your computer


3. Clear your Browser cache


4. Delete your Cookies


5. Update your Browser 

Make sure your browser is upto-date. You can visit your web browsers page to check the current version

Mozilla Firefox 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 

Apple Safari 

Google Chrome

6. Try a Different Browser

- Sometimes issue can occur with a specific browser, so try switching to a different one •

- Most RockYou games support the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8


7. Uninstall/Reinstall the Game Application (If playing on Facebook)

Note: All your account information will be saved when you reinstall. You will not lose any progress in the game.

- Go to the Facebook Applications Settings page 

- Go to your profile page on Facebook

- Click on “Account” in the upper right hand corner 

- Click on Application Settings" Click on the next to the Game. This will remove the game

- Go to the games Fanpage and click the ‘Go to App’ button to reinstall


If these steps do not resolve your issue please submit a support request and provide us with as much information as possible for further assistance. 

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