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Delays in Receiving In-Game Currency


Most purchasers receive their ingame currency immediately after the transaction is processed. There are some cases where it can take up to 6 hours to receive your ingame currency after purchase.


- If you purchased via TrialPay, we advise contacting TrialPay support if your purchase has not arrived after 6 hours. Their contact information will be available in the emailed confirmation receipt you received after purchase

- If you made your purchase using an eCheck through PayPal, please note that it can take up to 5 days to clear the payment. The currency will only be credited to your game account once payment has cleared.

- If you have purchased via Facebook and have not received your payment after 6 hours, please contact Facebook Credits Support directly as they will have better access to your payment history.


If you are experiencing further delays or issues in receiving your ingame currency, please contact Billing Support 

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Missing Bonus Items With Purchase


If you purchased in game currency and have not received your bonus items please note the following:

- Not all purchases of in game currency include a bonus items, please check the Package you purchased for details

- You will only receive a bonus for your first Beginners Package purchase of subsequent Beginners Packages will not award you with bonus items

- You will receive your bonus items on the Domain/World/Realm on which you made your purchase, bonus items are not transferable

– Purchases can take up to 6 hours to process

If you did not receive a Bonus Package that you are due after 6 hours, please contact Billing Support by clicking on I need more help. 

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